Episode 1: How do AI Assistants work?
Always Listening Podcast

Always Listening Podcast

Episode 1: How do AI Assistants work?

In the first of our four-part podcast series from the SAIS research project, we explore how the voice AI Assistant system works, with some surprising insights along the way.

From first saying the ‘wake-up word’ through to the action that is taken in the device: there is a lot of complexity in the underlying technology ecosystem to make that happen. Listen to find out how your voice commands are interpreted, where exactly the decision for action is made and who makes it.

We also answer that crucial question: Is my AI Assistant always listening?

In this episode we explain:

  • What happens from the ‘wake-up word’ and command to action in voice AI assistants, using Amazon Alexa as an example.
  • What a ‘skill’ is, the difference between native skills and third-party skills and why this matters.
  • Where decisions are made and the data is sent - many believe it all happens in the device, but this is not the case.
  • Is my AI Assistant always listening and recording my conversations?

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