Episode 4: Entering the Age of Datafication, Inferences and AI
Always Listening Podcast

Always Listening Podcast

Episode 4: Entering the Age of Datafication, Inferences and AI

In this episode of Always Listening we go beyond our discussion on how AI assistants work to instead understand how the current digital landscape is shaping us as a society.

Our lives are becoming increasingly transparent because of the information collected about us, but the way that this information is used remains opaque. In this interview with SAIS researcher Dr Mark Cote we discuss AI assistants from a humanities perspective, from big data inferring what you want before you want it, to the business case for why personalisation is what users want. We discuss the tension between the ethics of inferences and their market value.

Listen to learn about:

  • Where data is coming from and how inferences are made.
  • How data accumulation is affecting every area of our lives.
  • How the accumulation of data over time creates distinct and new market opportunities.
  • The disproportionate impact of inferences made about groups of people.
  • How far data protection laws go in protecting us from inferences from big data.

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