SAIS Research Covered by the Montreal AI Ethics Institute
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SAIS Research Covered by the Montreal AI Ethics Institute

Following publication at top international conferences, two SAIS research papers have been featured as research summaries by the Montreal AI Ethics Institute.

The Montreal AI Ethics Institute is an international non-profit organization democratizing AI ethics literacy, equipping citizens concerned about artificial intelligence to take action. As part of this mission, the institute publishes invited summaries of current research and a weekly AI Ethics Brief.

Two articles from the SAIS project have been featured as research summaries and are avaialbe to view online:

Can You Meaningfully Consent in Eight Seconds? Identifying Ethical Issues with Verbal Consent for Voice Assistants (orignally published at CUI 2022)

A Systematic Review of Ethical Concerns with Voice Assistants orignally published at AIES 2023

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SAIS is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between the departments of Informatics, Digital Humanities and The Policy Institute at King’s College London, and the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, working with non-academic partners: Microsoft, Humley, Hospify, Mycroft, policy and regulation experts, and the general public, including non-technical users.